Welcome to the Inter4Ref Project

The rising number of asylum seekers in Europe has led to a desperate demand for humanitarian professionals, including interpreters, in order to respond to the emerging needs of refugees and host societies. Interpreters play a crucial role that sometimes exceeds their current professional profile; they are called to work in fragile environments such as conflict and post-conflict contexts. Due to the huge demand for this kind of job profile and the relatively low supply of professionals trained for it, this role is usually performed by migrants and refugees who, although speak the language, do not have the adequate training nor accreditation. In this sense, there is a need to redefine their role in a way that will help them develop these tasks in humanitarian organizations.

Inter4Ref is a Project funded by the Erasmus+ programme created to address the above mentioned needs and to promote the development and dissemination of original curricula in order to improve Humanitarian Interpreters’ skills in their new professional challenges.

Its main aim is to develop a MOOC modular course that will provide humanitarian interpreters with an ensemble of knowledges, skills and competences needed to address refugees and asylum seekers’ needs in Europe’s current reality; this new knowledge will enable them to improve their adaptability and strengthen their professional accuracy. The learning materials and course resulting from this project will promote lifelong and self training for interpreters and will offer an inclusive VET in their area.

The project is aimed at the following target groups:

  • Humanitarian Interpreters Community.
  • Interpreters that seek training so they can work in humanitarian organisations.
  • Trainers and teachers that offer this kind of training for social workers, humanitarian interpreters, cultural mediators, etc.
  • Interpreting, Social Sciences, Cultural Mediation and Psychology students that seek to work for organisations which support refugees and asylum seekers.

We hope you can join us!

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