CEMyRI presents the new INTER4REF Project in the Seminar: Attitudes towards immigration in Spain

Topics like Islamophobia, Islam, radicalisation or the growth of extreme right parties and immigration were the focal points of the seminar “Attitudes towards immigration in Spain” that took place the 16th and 17th of May in the University of Almeria. The seminar was organised by CEMyRI in collaboration with RESMI (Migration Institute of the University of Granada) and the International PhD School of the University of Almeria.

Pablo Pumares, Head of CEMyRI, explained the reasons behind the choice of those topics for the seminar: “It is a hot topic. There is a high percentage of immigrants here, it’s an important part of our society, and so, the way we receive these people is key”.

Surveys, as Pablo Pumares pointed out, talk about how “the attitudes towards immigration here in Spain are relatively more positive compared to the ones in other countries and this is something that has been stable in time. There are some variations but not major”.
On another note, in the seminar, in which more than 80 people were registered, was presented the ‘Official Master in Migration, Cultural Mediation and Vulnerable Groups’ available in UAL in the next course 2019/2020. The seminar also focused on the presentation of the INTER4REF Project: Interpreters for Refugees, a project led by the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE), in which CEMyRI participates as a partner. The aim of the project is to develop free learning materials and a MOOC course for those who want to interpret and work with refugees.

The seminar gathered experts of the academic field and the third sector with great experience in the matter and a wide range of knowledge, such as: Joaquín Arango, Professor of the Univerisdad Complutense de Madrid; Mercedes Fernández from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas; Sebastian Rinken, Vicedirector of IESA-CSIC; Ricard Zapata Professor of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Laura Mijares from Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Juan Miralles, Head of the association Almería Acoge; Marisol Navas, Professor of the University of Almeria and Antonio Rojas, Professor of Behaviour Sciences Methodology of the University of Almeria.